23. nov. 2018


                Today, all foals have moved into their new home.

   We wish all new owners good luck, joy and success with them.

                   20. july 2018


            Visit from Denmark by Lone Boegh and Oluf Henriksen


       Today our colt "Le white sock" (Le Vivaldi x Sir Donnerhall)

                                     met his future owner.


We were very happy about this visit and have spent a nice afternoon



                                         12. June 2018

We are happy about a colt from Diamond Hit from our mare "Kronperle" (Fidertanz x Sandro Hit x Karon)

     Filly from Secret x Stedinger x Figaro x Kronprinz XX

                            *29. 4. 2018















                                       21. April 2018

Colt from Le Vivaldi x Sir Donnerhall x Argentinus x Traumdeuter x Tiro x Vollkorn


 A very long-legged foal with great movement. A real eye-catcher !


                                          here 2 days old...

                                          22. March 2018

           ...our foal season has begun as well...

Escolar colt from our Brillantring-mare "Voice" (Fürstenball x Stedinger